The SEO Doctor Is In

If you’re a regular visitor then you must have noticed the JSC‘s newest facelift. The old one did not project the right personality, In fact I’ve detested it for months, so I spent an entire weekend working on this new theme, which I love!

However, when I put SEO Doctor to work, I was shocked to discover my grade was in the 70s, and of course I immediately got busy trying to figure out what was wrong with the site (the JSC should have 100% after all!).

Digging into the Code

Much as I adore Arthemia,  it’s an older theme and doesn’t have native SEO built in. SEO Doctor showed me that the biggest crisis was there was NO H1 TAG!!

Cardinal rule of SEO: have an H1 tag on every page. So I searched until I found a plugin that would tale care of it automatically, but unfortunately, on some pages I ended up with double logos. If you were on my site at that time, you may have thought you were drinking too much, but no, it was just me fiddling with the code.

I got rid of that plugin quickly, did some more research, and finally went to a site that I really admire and stole borrowed their code. Now I have an H1 tag, but still haven’t figured out how to make the titles on the home page H2s. (Let me know if you know how to do it, I’ll take you to lunch if you can make it to Phoenix.)

Too Many Outgoing Links

The next thing the Doctor showed me is that I have over 100 outgoing links. I didn’t understand that until I added in the all the links in the footer widgets, and then I also have a ton of categories. It’s not a serious problem, but Google stops at 100; that’s okay by me, I’ll take the 5 point ding.

Alt tags are good, page rank flow is very good on the home page thanks to no-following sites like Facebook and Twitter, but not so good on post pages since comments are no follow. I can live with that too. The page is indexable and URLs are friendly. Loading time is 6.5 seconds, which I’d like to reduce, but although they explain how to do it, I just don’t get that part.

Even More SEO Tools

SEO Doctor is like the Swiss army knife of SEO. It’s a great little tool that rests at the bottom of your screen, in fact, it rested at the bottom of my screen for two months until I remembered what is was. Besides all of the above info, it will tell you how many daily visitors the site gets, and a plethora other amazing stuff besides:

  • Domain registration details
  • Google indexed pages
  • Yahoo backlinks
  • Alexa ranking
  • Compete visitors
  • Quantcast visitors
  • Google website trends
  • Link diagnosis
  • SEMRush analysis
  • IP neighbors
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Back Tweets
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • Page load time test

Best of All It’s Free

SEO Doctor is a free plugin for Firefox. Free is always good, and Firefox is all I use (well, until I discovered that IE rendered all the content on a client’s entire site centered, so now I at least check IE). Try it out and it may have you up all night, too, trying to make your site perfect.

My site is now a healthy 90, and would be 95 if I can get those pesky H2 tags coded in. I feel much better and can now go to bed with an easy mind.

UPDATE: Yes! I figured out the H2 tags. I’m happy to report this site is at a health 100%.