Ezine’s Still Good for Article Marketing?

With the Google Farmer algorithm update one type of site that got hit hard was article directories; including Ezine Articles; reminiscent of the Squidoo slap-down a couple of years ago.

Many people had great articles on Ezine that ranked well and sent visitors to their site. However, a lot of Ezine articles were crap, and many of those were also ranking on the first page of Google. Everybody dropped, good and bad alike.

So now the question is, should you continue to submit to Ezine for article marketing purposes? My answer is yes for a couple of reasons. One is that Ezine Articles was the best article marketing site before the update, and now they have made 5 changes to upgrade the quality of future article submissions:

  1. Increased Quality Checks Articles are spending twice as much time in the review process, and their editors are placing more focus on format, grammar, spelling, and consistency.
  2. WordPress Plugin and API No longer being accepted to avoid content duplication.
  3. Dead Links In the past, if you had a dead link Ezine gave you 5 weeks to fix it, with numerous notifications. Now you have 2 weeks to get it taken care of.
  4. Membership Level I think they’re being a little too strict on this, but now if you haven’t met their quality requirements within the first 10 articles you submit, you not only don’t reach Platinum level but are banned from submitting more articles. They have backpedaled a little though, saying that if you are showing progress they’ll be a bit more lenient.
  5. 400 Word Minimum Before it was 250 words, and a good writer can often get their message across in that short of an article. That said, this makes writers work harder to write worthwhile content.

Life just got a little harder for article marketers, but I think it’s worth it to get high quality information on the Internet and in search results. What’s your opinion of these Ezine Article changes?