6 Niche Websites to Help Promote Your Blog

The internet thrives on niches. In the truly open society of the internet, any common cause, shared interest, or obscure topic can target its fandom and have them congregate directly to it without barriers.

But what do you do when your niche isn’t gaining as many community members as it used to attract? Where can you turn to promote your niche website when you are already the big fish in your small pond? How can you get real results without vainly hoping for a front page link on major pages like Digg? Continue reading “6 Niche Websites to Help Promote Your Blog”

How to Put the +1 Button on Your Website

Okay, sooooo Google rolled out the +1 button today.

I’m not real excited about it, but Google says it will be a good thing, because now when I search or go to a website, I’ll know which my thousands of friends have been there and liked it too. Similar to ‘Likes’ on Facebook, but FB wouldn’t share those with Google.

So like the little red hen, they went out and did it themselves. Continue reading “How to Put the +1 Button on Your Website”