5 SEO Podcasts Worth Subscribing To

If you own websites then no one has to tell you that SEO is the name of the game. You probably also know that some people understand the challenges and seeming mysteries of SEO far better than others, perhaps better than you currently do.

The good news is that a few of them are willing to share their knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. That is when becoming a student is essential to your understanding, your progress in implementing best SEO practices, and finding success in the rankings.

In this post we;’ll feature 5 SEO podcasts that will further your understanding of how to achieve the kinds of rankings you need to consistently hit your traffic and sales goals on your way to success.

1. The eMarketing Show The three hosts you’ll hear on these podcasts are proven winners, and so are their bevy of top-shelf guests. They possess the depth of experience needed to understand how to effectively market your sites across the web in all of the ways that will get it noticed. Listen and you’ll receive insightful wisdom about all facets of internet marketing including pay-per-click and cost-per-click campaigns. Advice on topics such as branding, back-linking, and generating leads is consistently given, all with a view to growing your revenues. See their podcast archives for all the goodies delivered in past shows.

2. Marketing Pilgrim Andy Beal, the founder of Marketing Pilgrim, has long been on the leading edge of grasping ways to make the internet pay. Marketing Pilgrim is a consistent top 10 rated source of advice on internet marketing and you’ll understand why when you start tuning in. Their team covers the net from end to end as well as anyone and has a nose for opportunity. They make it their job to bring those open doors to your attention. They demonstrate a solid grip on traditional targets like Google and Yahoo and also prove they understand how to make social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter work for you, too. Their content is picked up by main stream media like CNN, CNET, and the Wall Street Journal.

3. SEO Rockstars Daron Babin dubs himself the SEGuru and has backed up the boast with proven numbers. He also brings a weekly does of solid SEO tactics from his own experience and that of quality SEO leaders who have produced demonstrable results. The focus is online marketing in ways that make sense to you, assessing your personal risk tolerance. Twitter ads, affiliate links, and social media management have been just a few recent topics to help you maximize your online marketing strategies.

4. Online Marketing with RSS Ray This interview-style podcast brings solid advice to you weekly, and their archive is there for catching up or hearing it again. Online business experts cover the hottest and most profitable range of topics, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, insights on linking, email and mobile marketing, optimizing conversion rates, and advice on analyzing performance using cutting edge tracking tools.

5. Good ROI Good ROI is brought to you by the Good Karma guy, Greg Niland. He takes a simple approach “Online profits are a good thing!” His podcast teaching and the guests he gives the platform to make that their goal. Topics you’ll hear include simplifying technical aspects of SEO, understanding how to get the best return on your advertising dollar, and what Google wants from your website.

There are a few more quality SEO podcasts we could bring to your attention, but with the fantastic archives waiting for you on each of these sites, you’ll be busy for the next couple of months, at least. Take a listen to these podcasts and take notes. Seek to find just one or two principles from each that you can put into effect for your sites immediately or can gradually work on for the long-term impact they’ll have on your SEO results. Follow the leaders and your numbers will begin to rise.